Upholstery Cleaning

cleaning-process-smFurniture with upholstery is a home accent that many people like to have. But what they don’t like is trying to keep it clean. Upholstered furniture is a magnet for dirt and stains, especially in a home with pets. To keep your upholstery clean and in top shape, you need to have it professionally cleaned by the experts at True Clean. We do upholstery cleaning throughout the Charlotte, NC, area, and our goal is to provide excellent customer service to those who hire us.

Having your upholstery cleaned by True Clean will benefit you in a number of ways. Regular cleaning of your upholstery will help it last longer, which protects your investment, and hiring a professional cleaner means you don’t have to do the work yourself, which saves you time and energy. Most importantly, a professional furniture cleaning removes allergens, mold, bacteria and other substances that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Modern Interior With Red Sofas And FireplaceWhen you hire True Clean for your upholstery and furniture cleaning, you can rest assured that the job will be done by professional technicians who are experienced in upholstery cleaning. And we use only the safest and most superior equipment and cleaning solutions to clean your upholstered items.

For all your upholstery cleaning needs, call True Clean. We take care of our customers throughout Charlotte, and our No. 1 focus is making sure we do the job right.

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